Selasa, 13 September 2011

Deadly Baby Accessories

Baby accessories you definitely should keep away from your child

Seeing this unsafe line of baby products called “Na Zha” is shocking at first, but it’s just art, they’re not made with the purpose of you buying it for your child of course. “Na Zha” is a Chinese mythical creature with supernatural powers, and Shi Jinsong made the installations to show the clash of old Chinese culture and the modern world we life in today.

The products are everything from a sadistic carriage and dangerous cradle to deadly toys. Shi Jinsong is a 41-year-old artist from China, based in Wuhan and Beijing. He studied at Hubei Academy of Fine Arts.

P/S= Brutal baby hehehe

3 ulasan:

CaYe Cik iLa berkata...

cyes takkot tgk sume2 tuh...waaaaaa...

Ika berkata...

wow mcm x cye je rasa..unik n tkut pown ada..hehe..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

perghhh...memang brutaalll!

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