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SHIITE IRAN IS JEWISH ORTHODOX. they sleep with a blanket Israeli Jews Would Be King, All Arab Countries.

Jerusalem as home sanctified by Allah or referred to as ‘ardhul muqaddasah’ that the earth is labeled as a holy land as the sacrificial animals, Makkah Al Madinah Al Munawwarah and earth, light of light illuminated the power of spirituality and faith in God is between the earth fortunate to have been contaminated by the shadow of the throne of unclean hands unclean mughallazah of Jews and Christians. Results of human cunning arrangement hidden by Al-Dajjal Masikhud Laknatullah Alaihi.
We’re sorry to his relatives who read this article in the roughness , author award medals to add grandeur to Al Masikhud nuraka Fire Antichrist. Everyone knows Al Masikh Ad Dajjal mentioned call by the prophets and messengers, including Islamic scholars, Christians and Jews throughout the world. But it sure as items not on the existence. Everyone is looking for Antichrist whether it is already appeared or not yet. If direct dialog experience from one of the former adherents of other religions majusi and some after that, it true that Al Masikhud Dajjal has existed since the time of the Prophet. Even before the prophet has been born into the world. Who used a variety of religious adherents, he is a friend of the Prophet who eventually converted to Islam after the prophet apostolic see signs through the skin seal body Messenger tossed right. That seal apostolic if ratio to us as a people, most of the ‘birth marks’ they get from their native law and gospel. He is the son of Tamim reported from a clergy Jewish rabbis.
Today in our unconscious conscious Muslims overshadowed by the shadow of the good that is bad. Satan the devil the man who looks good and very comprehensive in terms of the act, practice daily, speech, clothing and lifestyle very carefully planned cover story behind the evil that the good is good. On this day many people confused by propaganda and a very smart Jewish drama. The audience is always embraces the role they are aware they are in blurred eyes. Monitor says these words, there may be good propaganda for those of us who are prominent today in the Islamic world.
Jewish propaganda is too much and is not constrained by their role in mass media today is the most secret alliances with countries, especially Persian Isfahan earth ‘wrath of God upon him. ” Why is the city of Isfahan is not mentioned as a country blessed and rahmah producer of seven of the earth and seven langitnya. Even referred to as the Islamic countries should be taken conducts. To mean an Islamic country , which should be aware. One city that has been given by Allah’s remembrance thousand four hundred and thirty-one years ago. Why does he mention the city of Isfahan arbitrary score as the city where the release of Satan KING race with no real suggestion that a comprehensive review and investigation. He saw should be careful when saying things that are very sensitive. Why bring him saw and gave a bad review on things that have not happened there. We think that there has not been the city of Isfahan with the sophistication and technological advances such as this. Perhaps the name of Isfahan was not even known people. What actually happened there. It’s what he saw behind the word that the memory in such a way so that if appreciation has really degrading purportedly Muslims in the face of the earth called the city of Isfahan city Shia Islamic religious knowledge uranium centrifuge technology that could produce nuclear energy was great. Why did not the Prophet told that Al Dajjal will leave the earth Masikhud Israel,because is not it more feasible for him.
Indeed, each said word of his messenger Muhammad not be wrong or anything even an inch for every broken talk guided by divine inspiration, which is maintained by Gabriel Alaihi salam. So, no doubt it either before or after talj there is a hidden truth. But why is he’s not truthful in telling hadith Iran associated with the emergence of Dajjal the end of time. Let it be the puzzle until it was time soon.
In today’s Jewish propaganda in particular, is emphasized Iran as the axis of evil country before saying the prophet himself. They bring the attention of Muslims around the world to the country allegedly islami Iran, is played by the so-called Jews and Christians. Although they were brothers since the long ages of time of Abdullah Ibn Saba ‘a prominent Jews pretend to embrace Islam to destroy Islam by creating too much scandal that produced intentionally held by them. Descendants of Abdullah son of Saba act ‘as a precursor to hate Assiddiq abu Bakr, may Allah,’ Umar and Uthman, may Allah including the wives of the Prophet who the accused as adultery ahluz nau’zubillah zaalik min. THIS IS BIG show the dispersion of the seventh trial of the Dajjal has been kept secret by the Jews through the Jewish people hatching BUT hypocrites pretend Islam in Iran.
* Iran has been accepted by most Muslims as the only Islamic country that would defend Islam in the face of this earth. No Islamic country in the world to be able to resist the power of the United States and Israel are the other allies.
* Iran is a symbol of strength and victory of Muslims against the Jewish people, pagans and Christians throughout the world. Things it can be seen clearly that the volume of each president and the leadership of a very great religion or ulamaknya criticize Israel in the eyes of the world. We wonder all the critics will not take any action by the Mossad intelligence service as their killer squads. As long as the Shia of Iran or persons who criticize it as if they escape from the grip agents Mossad agent, but not among the critics of the Sunnah, accept the result of ill will. Include former Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who has followed every text for a speech by the agent of information and broadcasting Israel ruled that Dr Mahathir for the country have issued scathing attack and criticism against the Jewish state six times. We find that he was forbidden from entering the Jewish state is as well known. That is why he failed to enter the Gaza not long ago. In our calculation, if he remains prime minister and often slammed Israel and the open secret it is not impossible that the former prime minister of Malaysia will be the victim of food poisoned or fire ammunition. Be like the late Al met Osama bin Laden who has returned to alaih rahmatullah. Although originally a belt dressing but eventually secede actually fight for Islam. Thanks for his determination of live ammunition to members of the kuffar as their savior and expiation. Iran and Shiites are hated Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
* Iranian president is a lion and the lion God will restore power and the glory of Islam in the last day. If viewed from the scene of violence against Israeli political speech, opposition to the Holocaust and the Zionist idea that they are supposedly the defenders of true Islam that is very brave face threats and intimidation kononya of America. Actually anything in laungkannya is read the script dedicated to all presidents and all liars Bayt Shia scholars. They declare the Ahlul Bait, but actually they are not members of the family descended from the Prophet, not even among the children and grandchildren also saiyidina Ali Karramallahu strain of advice as alleged by them for this. Karbala celebrations which commemorate the assassination of Hussein ra Saiyidina as they commemorate their dedication as a family Bayt who will chaoticly crime error Sunnah wal midst of the supposedly wronged over the years. They really hate Saiyidina Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq as has seized power from Saiyidina Ali Karramallahu strain of advice from parents and ancestors were also Shia imamiah the seething hatred boil over into Saiyidina Ibnul Umar Al-Khattab included Saiyidatina A’syah r.anha the accused was guilty of adultery with their assistance during the loss of gold necklace. Really the Prophet of Allah heard that she stay clean and stay r.anha dinikahi illegal by the people he saw after kewafatannya as Mother of the Believers, mother or mother of the believers. Why does Shia do not want to receive word he saw this.
* National Islamic Iran is the best example of the implementation of shariah and sunnah of the Messenger. As they highlight in the mass media telivision and newspapers, they are among the Islamic countries that have successfully practice the tenets of Islam in syumul, so-called Islamic law. We would like to ask them, if they uphold the tenets of Islam are in fact, why do not you want begins to decline and Asr prayers for this? Right away one of the five pillars of Islam during the day and night as if to deliberately fall away so … ..!!! xxxxxx Another question from us, why do not wish for prayers obligatory Ramadan fasting month every year, although if not fulfilled the legal requirements and void because truth behind Word shall syarie the law … xxxxx …!!!. I left the question why the Shia in Pakistan prayer and fasting, but when the Shia Malay origin to the country of their religion in Iran they can not also begins to decline and Asr prayers, and not fasting month Ramadan … why .. Is this the name taqiyyah, pretend and deceive ourselves? Own protection, in the heart. I will not answer the arguments in this regard except in debate own heart. Very narrow their taste.
* Islam in Iran will not attack BY THE America and Israel are allies from other countries. Indeed, the Islamic Iran will not attack the United States and Israel are allies of other countries, but Iran is always in difficulty due to attack President Saddam Hussein and who know the history of scabies and ringworm of the foot over the years. During the Iraqi president was still alive before the Ahlussunnah there dominated government system despite the force curb crime, assisted by Shia Iran. How happy Shia who finally get the help of the invasion of Iran who want to defend the Shia in Iraq through Israel and the king of the world terrorist neck for Christian men. Iran is never attacked by the sunnah by Saddam Hussein is said to be wrong, though he is the defenders of this sacred religion. Jewish propaganda by false news and history has permeated all corners of the village of Malaya.
* Iran is a country that the protection of God with tears and blood evidence in Karbala today. This is unfortunate for them, which was worldly desires in the unconscious and did not want to realize themselves. Fathers, fathers, they did know the truth but deliberately let this happen to reach the children and grandchildren their descendants who were familiar with the ways of life and religious practices over the years. Jews have succeeded in making Iran successfully Holywood unnoticed by the Muslims as a whole. Only Saddam Hussein knows their secrets. Then he wiped from the face of this earth together with the secret keys. I quote one of the words from the spiritual world;
Saiyidina Hussein ra alert through an imaginary dream: “How unfortunate luck with you people who wear thayalisah, that we are not in the underground tombs, that we see in nature are highly degrading act of contempt the station our station.”
Do not be too easy to remove the illegal law, wrong, and others reject as too easy to pass laws to any person or group is the practice of nifaq wal i’yazubillah.
This is our puzzle we deliberately cast, because there is no reference source to reinforce the word he said. Just let us watch closely affordable children’s and family and our relatives that farthest from the trial of the dajjal the most intelligent here and there. Read the first sentence of up to ten verses from Surat Al Kahfi to set hearts and open hearts Lenny rabbaniah light so as to witnesses. Amen.
Why is one of several people who were supposed to support the struggle of Islam and Sunnah and about the Shia and the Jews will recognize him as Shia Jaafariah follower, often commute to a place in every month of Muharram arrived at a ceremony celebrating the country’s ceremony celebrating the myth and even casual mut’ah. Back to soil water and spreading the Quran verses to judge people by various kinds of series of religious lectures, but destroy the character of so-called meritorious young children courteous noble wise, is so like a dog barking dog in the hills along the road, holding a pennant flag is supposed to, we still not aware of it. It will not be realized unless occurring as a result of the chaos.
They’re also looking to the Middle East supposedly many Muslims ..? No, there is not a Muslim. Islamic end times strength coming from Java and the Malay Archipelago are a variety of hybrids.
Still glorify Islamic Revolution blamed the intelligence and wisdom of the Jewish people of Israel share the mattress and pillows with the Jews of Iran with the Islamic slogans as a bed and the land of Iran as the torso is prostituted by UNITED NATION and all who follow that are not infected with HIV aid they themselves are afraid, cowardly and craven.
Still more terror in Iran? It should be discouraged, because the nest incubation and hatching and berserban berjubah allien evil, the good name of Islam well, soon to be uncovered SECRET TO THE ENTIRE WORLD. .
Still more honor to play home and temple, Ahmadinejad and the Imam will lie before Israel took away from the world map ..? Even the name of Israel disappeared, the name of Shia followers of Antichrist Jews can do? .. Why are they meeting with Jewish rabbis in New York .. see you tube .. Why the very well-known Jewish clergy arrogant when dealing with other people all of a sudden embrace Ahmadinejad , Ahmadinejad kissed cheeks, glistening silver trophy donated liver and majestic symbol of gratitude to Ahmadinejad. Why … why are you Muslims who have been deceived me this!
Still respecting their sacred Shiite Imam Imam maunah before .. this time .. and tomorrow is? Maunah sacred istidraj race drive large Jewish .. We would like to explain very complicated matter. Very complicated.!
The body of Imam Khomeini been humiliated by God before the people. Witnessed by Hundreds of Millions of Thousand People Even When resting occurrences to grave.
Still remember the story .. history will not forget the Sunni and Shia residents themselves how the creation of the procession carried the body of Imam Khomeini is using helicopters. Bier lam rope tied to the helicopter carrier, all of a sudden the door opens and drops her bier lay curled in the air Khomeini fall naked, to the tombs.
The body apparently had been wrapped and Khomeini appearance in a manner that is Egyptians mummify their know-how in these fields that preserve the body. The body in white cloth wind Mummy from head to toe. When his body was excluded from the coffins for escaped bond holder, destined to Allah, Khomeini remains spinning in the air discharge shroud bonds as the Mummy and running round his body after the last string is apparently tied to a strong look at the ankle.
This event occurs when a friend of our friends are scattered in many Indian, Pakistani, Afghan and Iran, including the students pretend to be Shia. Many of us who managed to stay in Iran with the nickname of success.
Did Jewish population most people outside of Israel are Jewish people and the people of the oldest and largest one in Iran as a country of keeping General Sheikh More Murshidul Al Imam Al Masikh La’natullah Alaihi Ad Dajjal. Most saying the truth about the emergence of Dajjal the Prophet of Iran’s Islamic countries. Where then is said to dominate part of the Islamic Arab world.
Allah says in the book of al quran, ” Will not Jews and Christians accept you until you enter their religion “.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan , Alaikum Bilkhair..

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